finding light.

“Follow what lights you up and you’ll light up the world.”

About a year ago, I read a book by Rebecca Campbell called “Light is the New Black”. I read this book when I was entering what I can see now as a pivotal point of growth in my life. I didn’t know how emotionally painful the next 12 months would be for me. I didn’t know then how much this book would resonate with me later either. This book was in my hands for a reason.

I stumbled upon Rebecca’s instagram after finding a new community of women who were giving me inspiration. I had realized fitspo and following all things work out related had become damaging to me. So I started looking elsewhere. I started listening to podcasts as well which introduced me to an entirely new community of relatable, yet empowering people. Rebecca being one of these individuals. I was at a low point, clawing for anything that could lift my spirits and heal my heart. Rebecca’s book answered my calling. 

“I believe that your tragedies, your losses, your sorrows, your hurt happened for you, not to you. And I bless the thing that broke you down and cracked you open because the world needs you open.”

Her book was a huge eye opener to me in needing a change in perspective as to how I was viewing my life. That damn rain cloud was following me around everywhere I went because I WAS LETTING IT! Realizing the power of perspective, I was able to take my hardships and struggles and view them positively. Understanding that they were shaping me, making me stronger. I needed them. Had it not been for my struggles then, I never would have found her book.

In her writing she encourages people to answer the callings of their soul, and create a life of alignment. All things that I had been fighting against for quite some time. My alignment in many areas of my life was completely off. Forcing jobs, relationships, feelings, etc. I was living a lie to my own self. Making myself do things that weren’t right for me. My intuition was screaming at me. Total middle fingers up from within; I just was not listening.

So I started listening.  Rebecca’s words discuss the importance of bringing awareness to the things that light you up. To me meaning finding happiness in the little things. Recognizing what it’s like to feel in honest alignment with your soul. Basically, the act of being more mindful. Mindful to things happening around you, as well as around the thoughts you think every day and how you allow them to impact you.

 I realized I get so stuck in the monotonous day to day routine that I forget to just pay attention! This practice of mindfulness has brought so much light into my life. I am now so aware of the little things around me that “light me up.” Things that truly bring me joy. Farmers markets, flowers, succulents, time with my dogs, hot coffee in the morning, sitting outside on a porch, walking the beach. These things make my soul, smile. It is truly when I feel at peace. 

“When you follow what lights you up you are in your spirit. When you are in your spirit you are in flow with the universe. When you are in flow with the universe your life is in alignment. When your life is in alignment you are living the life that you were born to live AND even better, the life that ONLY you can live.”

Yesterday was a Sunday where I woke up needing to do so many things. But it was raining, I wasn’t having a good day physically and I woke up in a mood. You know THE moods.  Those toxic, bitchy for no reason moods, and I wanted to do absolutely nothing. My mindset was complete shit. I wanted to hide. I didnt want to, but I forced myself outside to finish my day with a long walk. The weather had cleared, and it was absolutely perfect. I stopped countless times to take pictures and just take it all in. The fresh air, the sunshine, knowing summer is just around the corner. It truly helped pull me from the funk I’d been feeling all day. Capturing these moments and allowing myself to be present is one of the best things I have brought to practice over the last year. It is so healing for me. Subtle reminders of what it means to truly live and actually feeling it.

There are so many good things around us all the time. I see these pictures and I feel something. I feel happy. I could be having the worst day, but stopping to recognize a beautiful patch of spring flowers can totally change that for me. It shifts the awareness. This is the shit we all need to start doing! The mindset we need to have, always. Take the time to slow down and appreciate. Accept the journey for how it’s shaping you. It’s shaping you to bring you to your passions. Your light guiding you through those passions to create purpose.

 Find your light and share it with the world. Take the time to listen to podcasts, read Rebecca’s book, go for a walk, smell some pretty flowers. Do it ✨


One Reply to “finding light.”

  1. I love this honey. You are an amazing and inspirational person and you continue to fill me with joy and also teach me new things about life. You are who you are for a reason, rejoice in it. Everything happens how it’s supposed to and understanding how all we experience and all the highs and lows in our lives makes us who we are. I am so incredibly proud of you and what you give to those around you. Perhaps most don’t “get” you but the ones who do are the blessed ones. Keep lighting up my world sweetheart! I get you the most.

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